OPA generation and conservation resource costs

The OPA has contributed to the diversified supply mix in Ontario by procuring generation and conservation resources that otherwise might not have been developed. A mix of resources is required to meet the province’s daily and peak requirements, as well as the changing energy needs in the province from hour to hour. We need a variety of different resources, as no one type of resource can meet all of Ontario’s electricity needs.

This section provides the costs associated with the OPA’s generation and conservation procurements. It includes only those costs paid by the ratepayer, and does not include any additional non-ratepayer costs or benefits. For example, it does not include the individual consumer investments made in a conservation initiative, nor any non-electricity benefits resulting from a conservation program.

The links below provide information on the mix of generation resources procured by the OPA to meet Ontario’s electricity needs, as well as the costs associated with these resources.

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