OPA Supporting Evidence in Other Entities’ OEB Applications

List of Proceedings / Applications and the OPA's respective supporting evidence

OEB Proceeding EB-2013-0421Hydro One Networks' Inc. Section 92 - Leave to Construct Transmission Facilities (Supply to Essex County Transmission Reinforcement (“SECTR”) Project)

 Exhibit B-1-5 (OPA Need & Alternatives Evidence) (pdf )   

 Exhibit B-4-4 (OPA Cost Responsibility Evidence) (pdf )

 OEB Proceeding EB-2013-0321Ontario Power Generation Application for 2014-2015 Payment Amounts for Prescribed Generation Facilities commencing January 1, 2014.

            Exhibit F2-2-3, Attachment 2 (OPA Letter of Support dated August 15, 2012) (pdf )

OEB Proceeding EB-2013-0070 – PowerStream Inc. Application for Board-Approved Conservation and Demand Management Program – Direct Install Refrigeration Program

OPA Letter of Support dated March 4, 2013 (pdf )

OEB Proceeding EB-2013-0053 – Hydro One Networks’ Section 92 – Guelph Area Transmission Refurbishment Project

           Exhibit B-1-4 Attachments 1 and 2 (OPA Letters dated March 2012 and October 2012) (pdf )   

Exhibit B-1-5 (OPA’s Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge-Guelph Area report – March 2013) (pdf )     

OEB Proceeding EB-2012-0082 – Hydro One Networks Inc. Application for Leave to upgrade transmission line facilities in the West of London area

Exhibit B-1-4, Attachment 3 (June 30, 2011 Letter from OPA to Hydro One) (pdf

Exhibit B-1-5 (OPA’s Lambton to Longwood Transmission upgrade report – March 2012) (pdf )     

OEB Proceeding EB-2012-0031 – Hydro One Networks’ 2013 and 2014 Transmission Revenue Requirement Application

Exhibit D1-3-3, Appendix B (OPA’s Description of Need and Rationale for “Oshawa Area” TS by 2015) (pdf )

Exhibit D1-3-3, Appendix C (OPA’s Southwestern Ontario Reactive Compensation Milton SVC
report – March 2012) (pdf

Exhibit D1-3-3, Appendix D (OPA’s letter to Hydro One – June 30, 2011 re West of London Transmission Upgrade Priority Project) (pdf

Exhibit D1-3-3, Appendix E (OPA letter to Hydro One – March 8, 2012 re continuing the project development work for the Guelph Area Transmission Refurbishment Project) (pdf )

Exhibit D1-3-3, Appendix F (OPA letter to Hydro One – August 7, 2012 re Installation of Reactors for Controlling High Voltages in Northwestern Ontario) (pdf )

OEB Proceeding EB-2012-0064 – Toronto Hydro – Electric System Limited Application for 2012, 2013 and 2014 IRM Rate Adjustments and ICM Rate Adders

Letter dated November 27, 2012 from the OPA to Mr. Kent Elson (pdf )

Letter dated February 8, 2012 from Glenn Zacher to the Board (OPA appearing as a witness and provide evidence) (pdf )

OPA Evidence (filed February 14, 2012) (pdf )

OPA’s Toronto System Map (filed February 18, 2012) (pdf )

OEB Proceeding EB-2011-0011 – Toronto Hydro – Electric System limited 2011-2014 Board-Approved Conservation and Demand Management Programs

OPA Submission on Pollution Probe Motion to Amend the Issues List  (filed April 1, 2011) (pdf )

Exhibit K1.1 (Letter dated April 21, 2011 from the OPA to Toronto Hydro, Attention Chris Tyrell / filed April 28, 2011) (pdf )

OPA Evidence of Julia McNally (filed April 29, 2011) (pdf )

OPA Undertaking Responses - J3.3, J3.4, J3.5, J3.6, J3.7 (filed May 5, 2011) (pdf )

OPA Submissions (dated May 24, 2011) (pdf )

OEB Proceeding EB-2010-0008 – 2011-2012 Payment Amounts for Ontario Power Generation Inc.’s Prescribed Facilities Application

Exhibit F2-2-3, Attachment 2 (see page 32 of 35 for OPA Letter to OPG dated April 1, 2010) (pdf )