Bruce A Refurbishment Project Photos - 2009

All photos courtesy of Bruce Power except otherwise noted. Used with permission.

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Bruce Retube Team
Installed The First New Fuel Channel Assembly In Unit 2 Reactor.
CANDU Services Team
Suit Up To Go Into The Unit 2 Reactor Vault.
Feeder Team Rehearse
With A Cutting Machine.
Six New Tube Bundles
For The Unit 1 Condensers Welded Into Position.
SLN - Aecon Pipefitters
Work On The Upgrader System At Bruce A.


Brian Fosty Provides Support Services
For The New Project Control Centre.
Bruce Power President and CEO Duncan Hawthorne
First-Of-A-Kind Calandria Tube Installation
Vault Camera System Records Work On The Reactor's Face.
Hanger Project Team
Steve Donaghey and Steve Turcotte.
John Soini, Deputy Vice President, Restart Project
Unit 2 Turbine Generator Set Turbine Generator Set
Was Declared Mechanically Complete In Early July.


Calandria Tube Installation Underway On Unit 2
Condenser Tube Bundle
With 275-ton, Heavy-Duty Mega Form Boom, Hydraulic Crane
Final Condenser Tube Bundle Installation In Progress
Lower Guide Tube Installation Complete
Lower Guide Tube Installation In Progress
Unit 2 Turbine Mechanical Installation – Completed


Annulus Gas System Upgrades Progress In Unit 2
Bruce Power President and CEO, Duncan Hawthorne
Being interviewed for the Discovery Channel in front of the Unit 2 reactor.
Crews in the Retube Control Centre
Final Retube Waste Container
To be shipped to Waste Management Facility.
Reactor Calandria Tube Removal Is Completed In Unit 1
Roland Boucher (right), The New Project Director
For Units 3 And 4 Refurbishment Preparations, Takes Over From Retiring VP, Ron Mottram