FAQs on IPSP consultation process

How can I participate in the IPSP?
To include as many stakeholders as possible and provide value to Ontarians, the consultations will consist of simultaneous, web-enabled teleconferences and in-person sessions. All sessions will be archived on the OPA website.

There is no difference between the content or conduct of in-person and web-enabled sessions, and equal time will be provided for questions and comments. For the in-person sessions, individuals and groups will be required to pre-register online on a first-come, first-served basis.  In-person sessions will be subject to space availability, but everyone can participate in the web-enabled teleconferences.  To enable as many organizations and individuals as possible to attend, it is recommended that only one representative per group attend in person. Funding is available for eligible stakeholders who meet the criteria to assist with their participation in the consultation process.

What is your process for consulting with stakeholders on the 2011 IPSP?
The consultation begins with the release of an IPSP Planning and Consultation Document, which shows the status of Ontario’s electricity system and considers its future. This document is based on the Long-Term Energy Plan and the Supply Mix Directive issued by the Ministry of Energy.  Consultation sessions will be held with stakeholders, and the OPA will accept comments and feedback on the IPSP material for two weeks after the last session. Summaries of comments will be posted to our website shortly after the sessions. The OPA will also undertake consultation with First Nations and Métis communities.

What is the Long-Term Energy Plan and where can I get a copy?
On November 23, 2010, the Ministry of Energy issued the Long-Term Energy Plan. It provides the overall context and defining principles for developing the detailed IPSP. It is available for downloading as a PDF document from the Ministry of Energy website from this page.

What is the “Supply Mix Directive” and where can I get a copy?
On February 17, 2011, the Minister of Energy issued the Supply Mix Directive to the Ontario Power Authority to develop an Integrated Power System Plan (IPSP) that meets the government’s energy goals. The directive defines specific strategic IPSP elements, including the sources of electricity generation and targets for conservation, and gives the OPA binding guidance on other considerations, including the consultation process. It is posted on the OPA website and is available here.

What principles are guiding the consultation process for IPSP 2011?
The Ontario Power Authority adheres to a declared set of principles in all of its stakeholder relationships. These can be found here. Our approach to stakeholder consultation flows from an overall vision, mission and guiding principles. They are located here.

I can’t listen to the stakeholder sessions while they’re being held. Are they available online and in what format? Where can I find them?
All consultations will include simultaneous web-enabled teleconferences, and the archived record will be posted to the OPA website for all sessions. From the archived recording, you will be able to both view the presentations and listen to the audio for each session. We will also post session summaries, including the questions and answers (without attribution) to the OPA website. Summaries of comments received will be posted to our website as an update to the Frequently Asked Questions page as consultation sessions occur.You can find them on the IPSP Stakeholder Consultation page.

When are the sessions?
The schedule for the IPSP consultation sessions is:

  • May 17 – web-enabled teleconference only – discussion on the IPSP Planning and Consultation Document
  • May 25 – web-enabled teleconference and in-person session – recap of the IPSP Planning and Consultation Document, and discussion on the load forecast
  • May 26 – web-enabled teleconference and in-person session – discussion on conservation
  • May 31 – web-enabled teleconference and in-person session – discussion on supply and transmission

Who can participate in the consultation sessions? Which groups will be represented?
Everyone can participate in the consultation process. Details on how to do so are available here. Initial notification for the consultations were sent to all those who had registered on the OPA website to receive general and IPSP updates, as well as to organizations that participated in the first IPSP. All subsequent updates will be sent to those who had registered on the OPA website to receive IPSP updates. The First Nations and Métis consultation activities are specifically targeted to those audiences to fulfil the OPA’s goal to be accessible and inclusive and to fulfill its obligations based on the supply mix directive.

How are you promoting the stakeholder sessions?
The initial notification about the sessions was sent by email to those who have subscribed via the OPA website for general and IPSP updates. All subsequent updates will be sent to those who register to receive IPSP updates. If you are not already a subscriber, you can receive updates by signing up from the home page (lower left corner). Be sure to select to receive IPSP updates.

What options do I have for providing my input into the stakeholder consultation process?
We welcome your input and offer a variety of ways to reach us. You can send us an email at: info@powerauthority.on.ca. You can submit answers to questions we ask via online forms. For our fax number or mailing address, see Contact Us, which also identifies ways to reach us about other matters. Please note that our call centre will provide information on the IPSP stakeholder process but cannot take or record feedback.

How will stakeholder input actually be used to inform the IPSP? Does it become part of the evidence you file with the OEB and what weight will it carry in OEB decision making?
Input shared with the OPA will inform the evidence submitted with the IPSP when it is filed with the OEB.  The OPA will consider the information shared with us by stakeholders and will use it to guide decisions on matters where the supply mix directive and other sources (e.g., sound engineering principles) have not specified an action or outcome.  The weight the evidence will carry with the OEB is at their discretion.

After the stakeholder consultation process has concluded, what happens next?
The plan will be finalized and evidence will be developed based on feedback provided by stakeholders. Once the evidence and the plan have been prepared, they will be submitted to the OEB for review.  The OEB then undertakes a detailed process, which will also be open to stakeholders, to review the IPSP and determine if its requirements have been met.  

How can I get more information about the IPSP stakeholder engagement process?
Detailed information about the IPSP consultations is available on the OPA website.  This includes background information, information about the sessions, and details on funding eligibility.  Alternatively, you can send an email to info@powerauthority.on.ca. Our Contact Us page offers other ways to reach us.