First Nation and Métis community consultation process

The Ontario Power Authority consulted with First Nation and Métis communities across Ontario to update the province’s Integrated Power System Plan.

The government’s Long-Term Energy Plan and its Supply Mix Directive laid the foundation for the updated IPSP.  Released in November 2010, the Long-Term Energy Plan set out the province’s expected electricity requirements until 2030. The Supply Mix Directive, issued in February 2011, defined the targets for the OPA in the updated IPSP II.

The OPA held consultation sessions throughout the spring and summer of 2011 to seek input and advice to ensure that priorities and views of Aboriginal communities were considered in the development of the plan. The consultations consisted of regional meetings for First Nation and Métis representatives, as well as outreach to communities for an opportunity to discuss the plan and record feedback with interested community members. 

IPSP participant funding information for First Nation and Métis communities

Funding was available for First Nation and Métis communities to assist with their participation in the consultation process. This funding included cost for reasonable travel and lodging to attend regional sessions and up to $4,000 to support technical advice required on the plan. Aboriginal organizations were also eligible for funding and were required to apply through the OPA website.  

Updates on the IPSP process were sent to individuals who subscribed to receive e-mail updates about the plan’s development.