Stakeholder Engagement

Here you will find information on current stakeholder engagement activities for the Energy Storage procurement. You will also find details and materials from past stakeholder engagements that have now concluded. Those who have subscribed for updates will be notified via email of future comment periods and engagement session.

The OPA intends to engage stakeholders throughout the Energy Storage procurement, including providing opportunities for interested stakeholders to review, ask questions and provide feedback on the draft Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and the draft Request for Proposals (RFP) documents.

Energy Storage RFQ - Notice of Addendum
During the Final RFQ Question and Comment Period, the OPA has received a number of questions regarding the make-up of the RFQ Applicant Team and the experience requirements for the Designated Team Member(s) that have Energy Storage Technology Class experience.
From the questions posed to the OPA, two common issues were noted:

  1. Qualifying requirements for what constitutes Energy Storage Technology Class experience has not been clear for all based on Stakeholder comments received.  Stakeholders may fail to qualify with ineligible Energy Storage Technology Class experience when submitting their RFQ application.
  2. The current threshold for qualifying for Energy Storage Technology Class experience may be too restrictive and limiting the ability for Stakeholders to achieve the requirements for demonstrating  Managerial Capacity of the technical development of a Designated Energy Storage Facility.

To address the issues identified: i) the OPA has updated the Energy Storage RFQ FAQ document to include a Q&A regarding the clarification of the requirements for what constitutes Energy Storage Technology Class experience; ii) the OPA has issued an Addendum that broadens an acceptable Designated Energy Storage Facility.

The Addendum also adjusts the dates associated to the Final RFQ Question and Comment Period, the Deadline for Issuing Addenda to this Energy Storage RFQ and the Qualification Submission Deadline, by extending each by one week.

Stakeholder Session #1 and RFQ Question and Comment Period
On September 23, 2014, the OPA hosted a webinar to provide an opportunity for stakeholders who are interested to learn about the proposed procurement process, ask questions and provide the OPA with feedback.

To access an archive of the webinar and presentation, please see details below:

The OPA is also inviting written feedback on the final Energy Storage RFQ. The comment period for the final RFQ will be open until November 14, 2014. Feedback should be submitted via email to with Energy Storage RFQ feedback form.