Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the OPA provide some differentiation in price for small facilities with a larger asset base that will be exposed to a much higher cost/kw-hr?
  2. What is the status of the directive for New Contracts for Hydroelectric Generation Facilities?
  3. What will the pricing be for contracts signed under this initiative?
  4. When will new contracts be available for facilities eligible under this directive and how would someone apply for a contract?
  5. What will be the form of the new contracts?

1. The OPA is not considering price differentiation based on facility size or asset base.

2. The OPA is developing the framework for new contracts for this initiative. To aid in the development of the framework, the OPA is seeking to establish a list of persons who wish to be advised of the OPA's plans for implementation of the directive and a list of the facilities with which they may be associated. Developments on the initiative will be posted on the OPA’s website and individuals who register will be advised through e-mail notifications.

3. The pricing for new contracts under this initiative is under development and will reflect a reasonable cost to Ontario electricity customers, a reasonable balancing of risk and reward for contract counterparties and take into account the specific operating characteristics of facilities and the value of the output. Consideration will also be given to refurbishment, upgrading, or expansion opportunities and costs.

4. Individuals who register for the initiative will be contacted when application arrangements are settled.

5. The OPA currently anticipates two forms of contracts for this initiative. The first form will be based on the Renewable Energy Supply contract with customized settlement arrangements designed to preserve market incentives. This contract would be suitable for larger facilities that have the ability to respond to market signals. The second form will be based on the Feed-In Tariff program contract and will be suitable for small, run-of-river facilities.