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Conservation Fund helps Toronto Zoo become energy efficient powerhouse
Canada’s biggest zoo is taking advantage of new and innovative green technologies to make its everyday operations more efficient. 

ISO sets the standard
No matter how big or small an organization is, there are always ways it can save energy. Sometimes, though, these organizations could use a little guidance. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is here to help.ISO is the world's largest developer and publisher of international standards, publishing over 18,500 standards on a variety of topics. 

Taking solar from microscopic to market
Ted Sargent thinks small.  And he sees the day when making cells for solar PV installations will involve little more than a paint sprayer.  Manufacturers would buy solar cells in a liquid and spray them on panels like paint. 

A Winning Proposal
In the past few months, some of Ontario’s best and brightest post-secondary students teamed up with corporate partners around the province on a research project.  

LEDs save the day and night
Bryan Purcell’s eyes light up as he does the efficiency calculations in his head for a new lighting project on the Exhibition Place grounds in Toronto.  He’s manager of LightSavers, a program with the Toronto Atmospheric Fund that’s looking to accelerate the use of advanced lighting.   And he thinks he’s found a record-breaker with his newest project.

LEEPing into the future
“If you build it, they will come,” goes the expression. It’s a saying that could apply to energy efficiency and renewable energy in our homes. Increasingly, there is greater demand for houses that take energy consumption into consideration. But where do the builders go to actually learn how to build these homes of the future?

REEP House opens doors to energy efficiency
Have you considered retrofitting your home yet? Do you feel it could be an inconvenience or are you worried these retrofits will change the look of your home?Change can sometimes be scary, but Residential Energy Efficiency Project (REEP) House for Sustainable Living can help you plan for this.

Beginning to see the light

For many, “change the world” would be a rather intimidating phrase to have to live up to in their job description.  But for the team at Morgan Solar, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

How solar technology is helping ancient traditions see the light

On February 28, the International Taoist Tai Chi Centre hosted its annual Lantern Festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The festival is an ancient tradition that has welcomed as many as a thousand guests some years. Drawn from the spiritual traditions of China, the International Taoist Tai Chi Centre claims a devotion to Taoist training that promotes a path of health and tranquility

Ice Bear project launched at Toronto Zoo with support from the OPA's Conservation Fund

The Toronto Zoo is demonstrating leadership in energy conservation management through a joint venture announced recently at the Toronto Zoo with Toronto Hydro, the Ontario Power Authority and Ice Energy Inc. for a unique pilot project using Ice Bear energy-storage technology.

Update - Canadian Design Team Wins Recognition in Washington

The votes are in and it’s official: the Ontario Power Authority-sponsored Team North has created one of the most liveable, energy-efficient, solar-powered homes in the world. After two weeks competing on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and more than a year in development, their North House entry has placed fourth in the Solar Decathlon.