Clean Energy Standard Offer Program

Survey of Potential CESOP Projects

Please note that the deadline for the Survey of Potential CESOP Project has been extended until December 31st, 2008. 

The OPA is currently working to better understand the near term potential for the Clean Energy Standard Offer Program (CESOP).  CESOP, which is currently under development, will encourage a variety of clean energy generation technologies, including natural gas-fired combined heat & power (CHP), by-product fuel-fired generation projects, and generation projects fuelled by under-utilized energy (thermal or mechanical) sources.  Final program rules are not yet available for the CESOP, so the following is meant to provide guidance as to the type of projects the OPA currently expects to participate.   

The OPA wishes to gather information about potential new projects that developers have already identified and which they are likely to pursue after the launch of CESOP.  The information being requested for these projects through this survey is meant to provide a general understanding of the project (e.g. general location; fuel and technology type; anticipated connection configuration; etc) and will be aggregated in order to develop preliminary indications as to the potential overall uptake, geographic distribution, distribution between fuel and technology type and near term participation levels of CESOP.  This information will also assist the OPA in ensuring program coordination between OPA procurement activities.  

The OPA requests that potential developers return a completed copy of the survey attached to this letter for each specific CESOP project that they may be considering, regardless of the actual stage of development of the projects(s).  

Respondents are encouraged to outline and describe any other additional information, to the extent possible, which may assist the OPA in reviewing and understanding the project(s) and their development challenges.  If the project has several options or configurations, respondents should submit only one response, describing the option and configuration that they are most likely to pursue at present.
The OPA recognises that some projects may be conceptual or in early planning stages and further development work may be required before specific information is available.  As mentioned earlier, the responses to this survey will guide the OPA in coordinating its procurement efforts.  As such, we strongly encourage that as much information as possible be provided.

The OPA requests that responses be provided by November 28, 2008, by email attachment, to (subject line "Completed CESOP Survey").  

Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out this survey.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Manyu Liang at or call (416) 969-6375.

Terms and Conditions
These surveys are completely voluntary, and do not bind either the respondent or the OPA.  Participation or non-participation in this survey will have no bearing on any respondent's future applications under any program that the OPA may launch, and will have no bearing on the respondent's ability to develop projects outside of the OPA's programs or procurement processes. 

Information provided by a respondent is subject to, and may be released in accordance with, the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Ontario), and as such, the respondent should take appropriate steps to ensure the protection of and identify proprietary or confidential information. The confidentiality of any information identified as such will be maintained by the OPA, except where an order by the Information and Privacy Commission, or that of a court or a tribunal, requires the OPA to do otherwise. 

Subject to the foregoing, the information collected under this survey will be kept confidential and the OPA will not disclose the names of specific respondents or details of individual projects, without receiving written permission from the respondent.  However, the OPA may release information obtained pursuant to this survey on an aggregate basis.

Additionally, the OPA may share details of the responses with the IESO and Hydro One for the purpose of planning, developing and designing future procurements and programs.

Respondents' Costs
The OPA is not responsible for any costs incurred by respondents, prospective respondents and interested parties in connection with this survey or with the preparation of any response submitted to this survey.  No contractual or other legal relationship of any kind is created between the OPA and any respondent, prospective respondent or interested party or any other person as a result of this survey or anything done under or in response to it.  For greater clarity, none of the following arises as a result of this survey or the submission of a response to this survey: a bidding contract (often called "Contract A"); a contract to carry out any work or services; or a standard offer contract.