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Undertaking No. J1.1: Review and Comment of Board Staff Project Chart - filed 20080925



Undertaking No. J1.2: To Reconcile the List at Exhibit E, Tab 2, Schedule 2, with Slide 102 - filed 20080914



Undertaking No. J2.1: To Provide a List of Existing Directives that Authorize Conservation Procurement - filed 20080922



Undertaking No. J2.2: To Provide Avoidable Planned Capacity as is Presented in Draft Form in K2.1, Page 1 - filed 20080922



Undertaking No. J2.3: To Provide Comparative Safety Statistics for Energy Production for Electricity Generation Document - filed 20080914

Attachment 1     

Severe Accidents in the Energy Sector (First Edition, November 1998) - filed 20080914

Attachment 2

Comparison of Severe Accident Risks in Fossil, Nuclear and Hydro Electricity Generation (Paul Scherrer Institute) - filed 20080914



Undertaking No. J3.1: To Update Tables 11, 12 and 13 Which Appear in the Evidence at D-6-1 at Page 16 - filed 20080914



Undertaking No. J3.2: Provide Expected Costs of Imports to Replace Coal at an Earlier Date - filed 20080917



Undertaking No. J3.3: To Provide, If Available, Plan Costs With and Without Terminal Values for Cases 2a and B, 3a and B and 4a and B - filed 20080917



Undertaking No. J3.4: To Clarify the Definition of “Conservation” Note: Response was Read into the Record on September 11, 2008  - filed 20080922



Undertaking No. J4.1: To Produce Document of Containing Statements of Accountabilities of OPA Board of Directors - filed 20080917



Undertaking No. J4.2: To Indicate the Time the Three-Year Period Starts to Run for Resubmission of the Plan - filed 20080925



Undertaking No. J4.3: To Provide Documentation Underlying Policy Constraints that the Opa Relied on - filed 20080914

Attachment 1    

Letter from MOE to J. Turner, May 20, 2008 - filed 20080914



Undertaking No. J5.1: To Provide Recent Announcements Made by Manitoba Hydro With Respect to Agreements With Power Sales to the U.S. - filed 20080917



Undertaking No. J5.2: To Provide Overview of Sources of Imports, to be Further Defined - filed 20080925



Undertaking No. J5.3: To Confirm the Extent to Which Laid-Up Units are Represented in Model Run 2 - filed 20080917



Undertaking No. J6.1: To Provide the Assumptions Utilized by the OPA to Meet the New Build In-Service Date of 2018  - filed 20080922



Undertaking No. J6.2: To Provide a Brief Explanation as to the Changes in the Electricity Use that are Driving Changes in the Growth of Peak Versus Electricity   - filed 20081006



Undertaking No. J7.1: To Compare The NRCAN Forecast to the Upper or High Case of the OPA; the Results Thereof - filed 20080922



Undertaking No. J7.2: To Provide a Description of What "Compare Favourably" Means Between the Numbers in Table 12 and the Studies that were Referred to on the Previous Page in the Evidence - filed 20081006

Attachment 1    

Greenhouse Gas And Energy Price Elasticities Using a Hybrid Top-Down, Bottom-Up Model Draft – Under Review – June 8 2007 - filed 20081006



Undertaking No. J7.3: To Provide Parts of the Document to be used as Supporting Evidence Regarding Social Discount Rate - filed 20080922

Attachment 1    

Excerpt “Canadian Cost-Benefit Analysis Guide, Regulatory Proposals “ By The Treasury Board Of Canada - filed 20080922



Undertaking No. J8.1: To Provide Problems or Improvements Identified With the Model and Indicate Whether they were Resolved; to Determine Whether a List of Back-Casting Exercises Exists and, if so, Provide it; and to Provide the Sensitivities of the Model - filed 20081006



Undertaking No. J8.2: To Provide Number for Other Manufacturing Sector in Figure 34 - filed 20080922



Undertaking No. J8.3: To Provide NPCC's Most Recent Seasonal Analysis with Respect to Meeting Reserve Requirements in Ontario - filed 20080922

Attachment 1    

Northeast Power Coordinating Council Multi Area Probabilistic Reliability Assessment for Summer 2008 - filed 20080922



Undertaking No. J8.4: To Extend Exhibit K6.1 to Cover the High and Low Cases, as Available - filed 20081006



Undertaking No. J8.5: To Provide the Impacts on Peak and/or Energy in the High DSM Case Due to Smart Meters and Time-Of-Use Rates - filed 20080922



Undertaking No. J9.1: Best Efforts to Produce any Probability Analysis that Applies to any of the Five Price Forecasts Referred to by Ms. Buja-Bijunas - filed 20081006



Undertaking No. J9.2: To compare long-run marginal costs for electricity that appear in D-4-1, Attachment 6, at page 31, compared to the marginal costs that are set out in Table 3 at Exhibit D-4-1 Attachment 3, page 7, and to a, describe any differences in how those numbers are constructed; and b, present them in a way that allows us to compare them, in terms of whether one is higher or by how much and how much lower, and by how much - filed 20081024