Supply Mix Advice (December 2005)

This report presents recommendations of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to the Minister of Energy on options for the future development of Ontario’s electricity system.

The focus of this advice is on the best way to meet needs over the long term - by 2015, 2020 and 2025.

Analysis has shown that, because the most attractive options needed in the longer term involve long lead times, decisions are needed soon to ensure that electricity consumers in Ontario benefit from a reliable and affordable mix of supply sources. 

A summary of the Supply Mix Advice and Recommendations report, released December 9, 2005. 
Volume 1 includes the Summary; Advice & Recommendations; Compendiums of Recommendations from Supply Mix, Annual Report of the OPA’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer and Consultations; Table of Contents; Glossary of Terms; and Report Contributors.
A French translation of all ten parts of Volume 1.
The purpose of this volume is to provide additional context and more details about how OPA conducted its analysis.
The purpose of this volume is to share with stakeholders the background research that we conducted in areas that are critical to the task, as well as some basic information for those who are less familiar with this sector.
Full reports from consultants Navigant, ICF, CERI, SENES, Decision Partners and Helimax.
Submissions and Presentations regarding the Supply Mix received from individuals, associations, organizations and businesses.
Details of stakeholder consultation, project documents, event schedules and related publications.