Integrated Power System Plan 2011

In 2011 the OPA was directed to complete and submit to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) an updated Integrated Power System Plan (IPSP) to help Ontario meet its diverse electricity needs. The plan is not proceeding.

The first Plan (IPSP I ) was submitted by the OPA to the OEB in 2007. The IPSP was intended to be a living document that looked 20 years ahead and that was  updated every three years to respond to changing conditions such as consumer demand and new technologies.

The province’s population is expected to grow by about 28 percent – or about 3.7 million people – by 2030 and become increasingly urbanized.  The structure of the economy will also change as the high-tech and service sectors grow and demand from large industries is expected to grow moderately.

Ontario will continue to need an electricity system with a diverse mix of generation sources to maintain economic growth while protecting the environment.

The government’s Long-Term Energy Plan - Building Our Clean Energy Future (LTEP) and the Supply Mix Directive were the foundation for the IPSP. Released in November 2010, the Long-Term Energy Plan set out the province’s expected electricity requirements until 2030 and established the ways to meet them. The Supply Mix Directive from the government issued on February 17, 2011, outlined the goals the OPA was intended to  meet in the updated IPSP (IPSP II).

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