MPSEPP Resources

The following websites will provide you with additional research tools. Following the list of industry associations, the websites are listed in alphabetical order by title.
Industry Associations
Associations of Municipalities Ontario 
The Canadian Bioenergy Association 
The Canadian Solar Industries Association 
The Ontario Waterpower Association 
The Canadian Wind Energy Association  

An Overview of Hydropower
A brief history and overview of environmental problems, as well as the underlying physics and efficiency measures (pdf).

Best Practices for Consultation and Accommodation
Published in 2009 by the New Relationship Trust, this 49-page document highlights best practices that will help to improve consultation and accommodation outcomes for First Nations (pdf).

DOE and Partners review Studies on Bird and Bat Interactions with Wind Turbines
Published in 2010, this paper examines bird and bat interactions with land-based wind turbines. Prepared by the National Wind Coordinating Collaborative (NWCC), a partnership funded by DOE that builds stakeholder consensus on issues confronting wind power development.

IESO's Wind Map
An interactive map that demonstrates the variable nature of wind and the amount of wind energy available throughout the day in Ontario.

Key Aspects in Developing a Wind Power Project
This short and concise U.S. document provides an overview of key steps in the process of developing a wind power Project (pdf).

Ontario's Renewable Energy Atlas
The Renewable Energy Atlas is an interactive web tool that allows Ontarians to create and view maps of wind and water renewable energy resources in the province.

P3 Canada Fund
The P3 Canada Fund is a merit-based program, designed to incent consideration of P3s in public infrastructure procurements, in order to achieve value for taxpayers and other public benefits. PPP Canada works with provincial, territorial, First Nations, federal and private partners to support greater adoption of public-private partnerships in infrastructure procurement.

Project Implementation Issues
U.S. site describes potential consequences of energy Project development, including environmental and cultural impacts, potential risks to tribes and Project developer and legal issues.

Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century: 2013 Renewable Global Status Report
This “update” edition of the Renewables Global Status Report is the latest in a series launched in 2005. The 178-page document provides an integrated picture of the global renewable energy market, industry, investment and policy development worldwide (pdf).

The Report of the Agency Review Panel on Phase II of its Review of Ontario’s Provincially-owned Electricity Agencies
Section 2 of the report provides an overview of the electricity sector in Ontario (pdf).

What Every Westerner Should Know About Energy
Published in 2003 by the Center for the American West at the University of Colorado in Boulder, this 52-page document examines energy resources, the environmental impacts of energy use and the future of energy for this region (pdf).

Your Electricity Bill Explained
Published by the Ontario Energy Board, this link provides an explanation of the charges you see on your electricity bill.