City Hall, Kingston, Ontario
City Hall, Kingston, Ontario 

Who may submit an entry?
Participation is open to all municipalities in Ontario. 

Can a winning Municipality submit an entry the following year?
No, if a municipality won in 2013 they must wait until 2015 to submit an entry. 

Can finalists submit an entry the following year?
Yes, finalists may submit entries the following year. 

How do I submit an entry?
Municipalities may submit their entry via email. Please refer to the entry process page for more information. 

May I submit additional materials as supporting information?
Yes, by email or mail. If submitting by mail, please send five copies of each.

Will additional materials be returned to me?
Unfortunately additional materials cannot be returned to sender.

What happens if I submit my nomination past the due date?
All entries must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EDST on Friday, May 30th, 2014 to be considered. All entries received past the due date will be disregarded by the judging panel.

Do you have an example of a completed entry form?
We cannot provide an example entry.

When will the awards ceremony take place?
Winners will be announced in December at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario Local Authority Services Symposium.

Who do I contact for questions regarding my submission?
You may contact the Community Conservation Awards with questions regarding the entry process at CCA@powerauthority.on.ca.