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2013 OPA Energy Conservation Attitudes and Behaviours Study

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The OPA conducts regular market research activities in the province of Ontario by talking to people and organizations about energy conservation. 

We retain independent market research companies to conduct opinion polls, focus groups or market scans, or to use other appropriate methods and techniques.  

Some projects track changes in the market and in attitudes, beliefs and behavior over time, while others are used to identify emerging issues and opportunities. Still others are done on an ad hoc basis as the need for specific information arises. 

As a result, we gain a better understanding of the market and the sectors within it, including how decisions are made, and motivations for - and barriers to - using electricity wisely.

The benefits include:

  • identifying opportunities for strategies and initiatives to meet conservation goals and accelerate the growth of a culture of conservation in Ontario;  

  • allowing us to use what we’ve learned to design or fine tune specific initiatives before they are launched, making them as effective and efficient as possible;

  • reporting on the progress towards implementing a culture of conservation in the province; and,  

  • strengthening and informing the market when we share our learning and insights with our energy sector partners.

All this contributes to saving energy and ratepayer dollars, reducing demand and building a stronger energy sector.

Reports and surveys 

Below are posted the most up-to-date versions of our reports and surveys, but versions of some reports from previous years are available upon request at surveys@ieso.ca.

2013 OPA Culture of Energy Conservation market research report
The OPA conducts a quarterly telephone survey of Ontarians to identify the factors that contribute most to developing a culture of energy conservation in Ontario, how their influence changes over time, and to measure trends in the overall level of the culture of energy conservation.
Download the report » (936 KB pdf )

Conservation Achievable Potential study
The OPA commissioned this report for an updated estimate of electricity and energy efficiency potential in Ontario. This study was used to inform the development of Ontario’s updated Long-Term Energy Plan, Achieving Balance, and it will also inform the development of upcoming conservation programs.
Download the report » (484 KB pdf )

OPA ECAB 2013 market research report
This market research is done to monitor Ontarians’ attitudes and behavior with respect to managing electricity use at home and their opinion of electricity conservation sector issues. This report is a followup to similar work done in prior years and, where possible, identifies changes over time.
Download the report » (590 KB pdf )

2012 OPA Consumer Program In-Market Performance
To provide in-market estimates, identify opportunities to finetune messaging strategies, and inform future years’ initiative planning, the OPA conducted a weekly online poll of eligible Ontarians across the province during 2012 to measure awareness, participation levels and participant motives for provincewide saveONenergy consumer initiatives. This report shows results for each individual initiative and its messaging, and reports the synergistic effects of having several initiatives marketed under the saveONenergy brand. Results are also, where possible, compared to the same period in 2011.
Download the report » (3.5 MB pdf )

2011 saveONenergy PLEDGE Campaign
To monitor and report public opinion about the saveONenergy PLEDGE campaign that was in market from July 29 – December 31, 2011, the OPA conducted an Ontario-wide survey to report on awareness and motivation for participation, impact and behaviour as a result of pledging and interest in receiving energy conservation updates through social media.
Download the survey » (343 KB pdf )  

2011 Electricity Conservation Segmentation of the Ontario Public
To understand the types of people in Ontario based on their values, level of engagement with electricity conservation and motivations for and barriers to taking action the OPA conducted qualitative and quantitative market research. This work was done to inform conservation and messaging strategies and to establish a common understanding about Ontarians with OPA partners.
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