Long-Term Energy Plan 2013

Long-Term Energy Plan 2013, Achieving Balance
View Achieving Balance, the 2013 LTEP (16 MB pdf)

The Ministry of Energy has released Ontario's updated Long-Term Energy Plan, Achieving Balance (the 2013 LTEP).

The LTEP takes a pragmatic approach designed to balance the following five principles: cost-effectiveness, reliability, clean energy, community engagement and an emphasis on conservation and demand management before building new generation.

Detailed LTEP Information Breakdown
To access the underlying data in the 2013 LTEP, you can explore the Consolidated Figures and Data Tables report, created by the Ministry of Energy and the OPA.

The OPA has also developed a series of modules to provide a detailed breakdown of the facts and figures underpinning the report. The modules were developed in conjunction with a summary of the assumptions used in the development of the LTEP, and all six documents are posted below.

The projections provided in these documents are based on drivers and factors that will develop over time, and are best viewed as illustrating trends. Estimates are more robust in the near term, while mid-term assumptions will be reviewed and updated periodically. The longer-term projections will change as future choices, developments, and decisions are made.

LTEP information is organized under the following topics:

●  Summary of Assumptions
       Adobe pdf         Microsoft Powerpoint         Excel Data file        
●  Module 1: Demand Forecast
       Adobe pdf        Microsoft Powerpoint         Excel Data file
●  Module 2: Conservation Plans and How They Reduce the Demand Forecast
       Adobe pdf        Microsoft Powerpoint         Excel Data file
●  Module 3: Generation and Conservation Tabulations and the Supply/Demand Balance
       Adobe pdf        Microsoft Powerpoint         Excel Data file
●  Module 4: Cost of Electricity Service
       Adobe pdf        Microsoft Powerpoint         Excel Data file
●  Module 5: Air Emissions Forecast
       Adobe pdf        Microsoft Powerpoint         Excel Data file

Questions on the LTEP modules can be sent to ltepmodulequestions@ieso.ca.

Ontario Energy Reporting
The 2013 LTEP committed to reporting annually to update the public on changing supply and demand conditions and to outline ongoing progress. You can now find a wide range of electricity system data on the Ontario Energy Reporting page.

Links to consultations on the LTEP
During the review process, the discussion guide, Making Choices: Reviewing Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan provided information on the status of the electricity system. It identifies commitments made that are still shaping the sector, and characteristics of the different energy sources.

To complement the Ministry’s report and public consultations, the OPA prepared a presentation - Status, Outlook and Options for Electricity Service - to provide a more in-depth look at Ontario’s electricity system.

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