Ontario Energy Reporting

Through the 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) consultation process, the public and stakeholders asked that information on Ontario’s electricity system be available, easy to access and updated regularly.

The Ministry of Energy, working together with its agencies, is developing a central website to provide easier access to electricity system information as well as a number of new reports that will be made available over the next year. We would like your input as we continue our efforts to enhance electricity system information.  Please contribute your ideas.

Currently, you can access a range of electricity system data from the Ontario Power Authority, the Independent Electricity System Operator and the Ontario Energy Board through the links provided below.

The data is organized by the following topics:


Forecast and actual information on Ontario’s electricity use including production, summer and winter peak, and baseload.

Forecast and actual information on Ontario’s installed generation capacity, electricity production and operation of the system

Forecast and actual information on conservation efforts in Ontario.

Actual and forecast information on component costs of electricity service.

Forecast and actual emissions of GHG and other air contaminant emissions from the electricity sector.

Updates on the status of major transmission and distribution projects.
Overall System Reports