2014 Revenue Requirement Submission

The OPA 2014 Revenue Requirement Submission to the Ontario Energy Board can be found below. Download the free Adobe Reader.



Download the Table of Contents (updated September 25, 2014) for a listing of all exhibits or a combined PDF of all exhibits (updated August 29, 2014)(Note: this is a very large file - 46 MB).

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Exhibit A - Administration

Evidence includes OPA business plan, annual reports, organizational structure, and communications from the Ministry of Energy.


Exhibit B – Goals and Strategic Initiatives


Exhibit C - Evidence in Response to Board Decisions


Exhibit D - Operating Costs and Revenue Requirement

Evidence includes revenue requirement, usage fee, operating costs, forecast variances, and deferral accounts.


Exhibit I - Interrogatories

  OPA Cover Letters

  Cover letters of the OPA to the Ontario Energy Board.