IPSP Stakeholder Session Archives

IPSP Stakeholder Consultations

The Ontario Power Authority has undertaken a number of consultation sessions in the development of the 2011 Integrated Power System Plan.

Session Archives

Below are links to the archives for each of the sessions.  The corresponding presentations can be found in the Downloads section of this page. Summaries for each of the sessions are also posted below.

May 17 – 2011 IPSP Launch Web-Enabled Teleconference - IPSP Consultation Process and IPSP Planning and Consultation Overview 

IPSP May17 Summary

May 25 – IPSP Planning and Consultation Overview and Load Forecast 

IPSP May 25 Summary

May 26 – Conservation 

IPSP-May 26 Summary

May 31 – Supply and Transmission

IPSP May 31 Summary

The IPSP submission period has now closed.