Stakeholder Consultation

OPA Stakeholders are integral participants in the long term planning and solutions equation for all of OPA’s initiatives. 

In order to enhance inclusive stakeholdering for the purpose of informing the numerous corporate and government-mandated initiatives, OPA is building on the strengths of traditional stakeholder practices and expanding the process to include a multi-channel engagement plan which extends the traditional foundation with a breadth of views and opinions from non-electricity industry parties including the solitary consumer.

Each and every resident of the Province is a consumer of electricity, be it in his or her home, or place of business.

The legislation to merge the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) requires the IESO to take steps to ensure an effective separation of the functions and activities relating to its market operations and its procurement and contract management activities.
A review of the FIT and microFIT pricing structure for 2015.

Ontario Regional Energy Planning Review
During the months of June and July 2013, the OPA and the IESO spoke to a broad spectrum of Ontarians regarding a new, integrated regional energy planning process.