Portlands Energy Centre Photos - 2007

All photos used with the permission of Portlands Energy Centre Limited Partnership.

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Aerial View
Baffle Wall Being Installed In The Intake Channel Structure
Combustion Turbine Generator Area
Construction Of Intake Channel Structure In Progress
Gas Compressor Building
Gas Metering Station
Generator Step-Up Transformer Set In It's Final Position
Installation Of Main Circulating Water Pumps Inside Pump House
Pipe Modules Being Loaded On Barge At Dartmouth
For Delivery To Project Site
Pump House Building North And West Sides
STG Stator Set In Place On The Table Top
Surface Steam Condenser Placed In It's Final Position
Utility Rack Module 5 Moving Into Place
View Of The Combustion Turbine Generator


Aerial View
Combustion Turbine Generator
Concrete Being Poured
Onto steam turbine generator table top
Heat Recovery
Steam generator Stack no. 1 in position
Installation Of Gas Piping
Moving Gas Compressors Into Position
Site View
Steam Drums
On top of heat recovery steam generator unit
Steam Turbine Generator Supporting Structure
Water Treatment Building
Construction in progress


Aerial View
CTG-GSU-2 Assembly
Diffuser on Turbine
Erected Bypass Stacks
Excavating Intake Structure
HRSG-1 Module Lift
Installing Generator
Loading a Stack Segment in Thailand
Setting Combustion Turbine Generator (CTG)
Site View - East
Stack Lifting
Steam Turbine Generator
(STG)Pedestal Ready to Pour
Steam Turbine Generator Pedestal Rebar
Steel Erection - Generator Area
Top of Heavy Lift Crane in Fog
Turbine and Generator
Unloading Steam Generator
Unloading Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Stack Segment at Port of Toronto
Working On Generator Coupling


Aerial View
Conduit and grounding work on a transformer foundation
Discharge Pipe Preparation
Cutting through steel in coffer dam for the discharge pipe.
Drain piping into main plant sump
Driving sheet pile for cooling water discharge pipe
Entrance into discharge structure
Excavating pump house 1
Excavating pump house 2
Form and rebar work in discharge structure
Heat Recovery Steam Generator Stack Sections
Installing conduit Combustion Turbine Generator No. 1 area
Installing cooling water discharge pipe
Installing cooling water supply header
Installing cooling waterpipe
Installing drain piping in Heat Rrecovery Steam Generator No. 1
Installing waler supports
Installing waler supports on eastern section of cooling water discharge.
Piling in pump house area
Positioning drain pipes for combustion turbine generator No. 1
Pouring concrete in pump house
Pouring the concrete four-foot-thick base slab in the pump house.